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Our strength has always been clinical research, depth of knowledge, and long years of experience with treating patients. We have continually pushed industry standards forward through strain genetics research, new product development, AgTech Innovation, and state-of-the-art Cultivation, Production, and Research facilities generating strong and established brands that significantly influence patients’ health and quality of life.  

We are looking for visionary partners to move forward rapidly in the cannabis arena and especially in:

Clinical R&D

We are driven by science. Since 2006 we are proving the effectiveness of medical cannabis on various medical conditions and developing new methods to fulfill our vision of unlocking cannabis’ full potential. In the last years, thanks to our advanced lab, plant, and professional research team, we established new partnerships expected to accelerate the industry and the perception of cannabis.

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Technological R&D

Our industry is developing exponentially and there are new and exciting ways to improve and expand the various methods of cannabis treatment. We are encouraging and investing in new technologies – new devices, delivery methods and data collection. 

Our global partners


We have continually pushed industry standards forward while strive to optimize the yield and quality of our crops. Using advanced agricultural research, we gathered in-depth knowledge throughout the cannabis plant life cycle, from seed to final product. 

Equipped with state-of-the-art GACP Cultivation facilities, established in two different climatic zones (From the warm desert to rainy Valleys), EU-GMP Production plant and Research facilities we generated a strong and established brand that creates a significant influence on patient’s health and quality of life. 

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