About Us


Since 2006, we have continually pushed industry standards forward, all to revolutionize the way we care for our loved ones and to improve their quality of life.

Cannbit pharmaceuticals is a public company, acquired Israeli medical cannabis pioneer, Tikun Olam in 2019. Tikun Olam-Cannbit LTD. is a leading supplier on the local market. Since its establishment, the company has treated more than 30,000 patients in Israel. 

From childhood through to old age, patients with a variety of medical conditions have received treatment from the company’s experience worldwide in the treatment of patients and have alleviated their suffering through medical cannabis. 

The company has 15 years of experience in clinical research and more than 35 clinical and pre-clinical research studies which have been published in the world’s foremost scientific journals.

Cannbit pharmaceuticals operates throughout the entire value chain while maintaining an ecosystem that integrates values of sustainability, therapeutic continuity, and uniformity in the quality of its products. Cannbit has production facility in the north of Israel and cultivation farm at the Dead Sea were received the EU-GMP certification.

Patients are at the core of the our hearts, minds, planning and action, and a unique system of care has been built for years around them. Our patients receive products according to the treatment continuity he or she needs, and we offer each patient his or hers precisely-tailored strain, with the same percentages of active ingredients that make the treatment the most effective, the most stable, and the best for each individual. Thanks to our long-years experience and pharmaceutical approach, Cannbit is endorsed by the leading health insurers, medical institutes of Israel, and by healthcare professional.

We formed a one of a kind ecosystem which includes research and clinical trials, genetic R&D for development of unique strains tailor-made for real medical needs, cultivation and propagation farms, a production facility, an advanced laboratory and technological R&D site, a logistics center, a dispensary and direct delivery to the customer’s home, as well as a service and pharma system that includes patient training and counseling, via our caring qualified nurses while maintaining a personalized treatment sequence.

What We Do


At the root of every one of our carefully crafted products are our Strain genetics, with an abundance of over 42 commercial strains  that we have collected over the past 15+ years and perfected through classic breeding methods and our state of the art genetic fingerprinting technology,  we have created strains that are stable , High yielding , and each designed with a specific and complex cannabinoid and terpene profile that used for the elevation of our patients symptoms.
We continually look for new strains and enhance and ensure the genetic integrity of our strains to ensure proper medication for our patients.

EU-GMP Manufacturing

Via our state-of-the-art EU-GMP manufacturing site consisting of: Automatic florescence packaging, CO2 and Ethanol based extraction we create our finished products.

Additionally our Factory also houses a state-of-the-art Pilot site for the formulation and production phases, an analytical lab and GDP warehouse from which we provide services to 30% of the Israeli industry and for the company’s internal needs.