Empowering Health Through Cannabis

We strive to unlock the full potential of high - quality cannabis, making it accessible for treating patients and improving their quality of life

What We Do


We craft stable, high-yielding strains with precise cannabinoid profiles to alleviate symptoms, continually ensuring genetic integrity for patient well-being.

EU-GMP Manufacturing

Utilizing advanced EU-GMP facilities, including automated packaging, we produce high-quality cannabis products, serving both industry and internal demands.


Utilizing diverse environments, we cultivate a wide range of strains year-round, yielding 9 tonnes annually, ensuring top-quality medical cannabis.


Cannbit pioneers advanced cultivation methods, develops innovative dosing techniques, and conducts extensive clinical trials to enhance medical cannabis efficacy.

Clinical Rational

Through extensive clinical trials, we substantiate medical cannabis as the optimal treatment for various conditions, fostering collaborations with prestigious institutions.

Clinical Support

With dedicated nursing support, Cannbit has aided tens of thousands of patients, documenting and guiding their experiences over 6-18 months.

About Us

Since 2006, we have continually pushed industry standards forward, all to revolutionize the way we care for our loved ones and to improve their quality of life.
We are proud of our:

Clinical trials in progress
Clinical trials in progress
Years of research
Clinical studies
Patients cumulative data


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